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BMI Calculator Body Mass Index is one of the most basic calculators usually taken as a baseline to determine whether you are underweight, perfect, overweight or obese in accordance to your height.
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Body Surface Area Calculator : This is the total surface area of your body. For various clinical purposes BSA is a better indicator of metabolic mass than body weight since it is less affected by abnormal adipose mass.
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Creatinine Clearance Calculator : The creatinine clearance is a measure of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR), which is, the volume of filtrate made by the kidneys per minute. The creatinine clearance is calculated after measuring the volume of urine passed in 24 hours and the urine and serum creatinine levels. A correction factor is used for body size..
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Water Requirement Calculator : How much water is enough for you? The minimum amount of water you need depends on your body weight. One should drink an ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. Would you like to see your recommended daily consumption of water? Just provide us with your weight, and see how much water your body needs.
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Body Fat Calculator (YMCA) : This is the total weight of fat in your body. If it exceeds over a certain ratio from your total weight, you can be over weighted and need to reduce some weight.
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Healthy Body Weight Calculator : Maintaining a healthy body weight is the key to improve overall quality of life and be free from innumerable diseases and conditions. Enter your current height and frame size and we will suggest an ideal weight range for you.
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Resting Metabolic Rate Calculator : This is the amount of energy expended (spent) while at rest. RMR decreases with age and with the loss of lean body mass.
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Body Frame Finder : In order to gain a more accurate measure to calculate your body frame size, use our body frame calculator which is based off your wrist circumference and height.
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Waist Hip Ratio Calculator : The waist to hip ratio calculator indicates your probable health risks. It is calculated by measuring the waist circumference (located just above the upper hip bone) and dividing by the hip circumference at its widest part (waist/hip).
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Lean Body Mass Calculator : It is the total weight of your bones, muscles and organs or in other words, everything other than fat in your body. Do remember that one needs sufficient amount of fat too to sustain your body.
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Weight Gain Calculator : The Weight Gain Calculator is for people who want to increase body weight. An effective weight training program is absolutely essential else all calorie excess will be stored as fat.
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Body Analyzer : Enter in some basic facts about yourself and see what your BMI (Body Mass Index) is, what your body shape is and your ideal body weight to stay healthy.
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Oxygen Index calculator : Oxygen Index calculator
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Free Water Deficit :An excess of sodium in the blood, indicative of water loss exceeding the sodium loss leads to hypernatremia. This can be compensated by increasing the amount of water in the body. Input your current Sodium levels and your body weight to determine the amount of water intake required by your body.
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Total Body Water :An accurate estimate of volume of distribution of urea (Urea) is critically important to guide the prescription of therapy and the quantification of delivered dialysis dose in patients with chronic and acute renal failure (ARF). While Urea has been shown to be substantially the same as total body water (TBW) in other patient populations, this relationship has not been adequately studied in detail in ARF patients.
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Blood/ Breath Alcohol Concentration Calculator :We will help you calculate the concentration of alcohol in the blood. BAC is most commonly used for quantitative measurement of the amount of intoxication for legal or medical purposes.It is usually measured in terms of mass per volume, but can also be measured in terms of mass per mass.
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Daily Calorie Calculator : Use this interactive tool to determine the total number of calories needed to reach your ideal body weight. Calculate the total number of calories needed in accordance to your lifestyle and eating habits.
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Exercise Target Heart Rate : It is important to know the threshold of your heart while exercising. This calculator helps you to determine your target rate, in accordance to your gender and age.
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Sleep Disorder Result : Sleep disorder is a medical illness and requires medical advice. Some sleep disorders are serious enough to interfere with normal physical, mental and emotional functioning. Use our Sleep Diagnostic tool to determine whether you are a victim of sleep disorder.
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Smoking Cost Calculator :This will display the money you have spent till date on smoking from the time you have started smoking, along with your yearly expenditure.
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Pregnancy calendar :This tool will give you week by week description along with antenatal tests required during your pregnancy. Make use of this calculator to know your present week. While following this calendar seek advice from your medical professional also.
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Pregnancy Calorie Calculator :Balanced nutrition is a crucial part of pregnancy. Calorie requirements are increased to support growing baby. Use this Pregnancy calorie calculator to know your requirements .
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Ovulation Calculator :This tool helps you determine the most likely fertile day for possible conception. Ovulation occurs when the egg is released.
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